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Kamera Obskyra

Kamera Obskyra is a book-sized story about a lost digital camera – a story about getting to know someone at a distance and of how one can produce a photo book without photographs.

Twelve years ago a digital camera got stuck in the zip of my bag in the middle of a crowd during a concert. The camera was not mine, nor were the photographs. But in the course of time, the photos and the camera have become part of me and my memories, and at the same time chance has brought me together with the camera owner: K.
In the book I have explored the private and the public aspects of photography with the lost camera as a case study. I have drawn parallels between the art genre of Found Photography and I have researched previous projects with similar themes. The design of the book is a visual experiment about how I, as a visual storyteller, balance on the margins for censure and copyright in order to ask the question: what happens to photographs over time?

And of course it is also about returning something that has long been missing.

Photos from K:s camera

Process images