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Wrapped Magazine

WRAPPED magazine was part of an editorial course. Our issue was about 'ad libs', the vocal medleys between bars in rap music, a phenomena that may be experiencing its glory days in today's rap culture. Except research, layout and editorials, this led us to work a lot with home-crafted typography, trying to create onomatopoetic images from the ad lib words we found. Our magazine is set out to explore music phenomenas in the margins, and the next issue is to be expected.

Working with lettering and words obviously led us to work with a lot of typography, and create images similar to the sound and meaning of the ad lib words. The three of us in our group each got a spread to work with by ourselves, in order to interpret ad libs individually as well as together. I made my research and design mostly about the history and rise of ad libs while my two other group memebers worked with rappers with an expertise for ad libs, and how to compare ad libs to contemporary graphic design.