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Time Well Spent (films)

For eight months me and my group worked with the grad show concept for Beckmans College of Design as a part of our course in Art Direction. Along with the visual identity, exhibition design and overall marketing we made three films on the subject of time and design’s love-hate relationship.

Three films portray the (dramatized) everyday life of anyone working with creativity, visual arts, design and whatnot – anyone who just happens to exist within the blurred frames of time. 

My part in the project was much about directing the talent on set, writing script & voice over and editing two of three films.

Our overall concept made it to 2nd place in Resumés monthly Best Design Concept Contest.

Concept & Art Direction:
Ivan Gedin , Isabelle Sjö, Lisa Åsberg & Lova Nyblom

Directors of Photography:
Alva Nylander & Isak Lundberg 

Lisa Åsberg & Ivan Gedin

Ivan Gedin & Lova Nyblom

Set Design:
Johanna Fosselius  & Teresa Lundmark 

Gaffer: Thabiso Kubheka Persson

BBE: Calle Mardell

Craft: Leo Gedin 

Talent: Viktor Nilsson 

Original music by: Erik Elvkull

Sound Designer: Therese Gylfe

Voice over: Sophia Wood 

Colorist: Axel Rundquist 

Studio: Droem Studio