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Film for art school Nyckelviksskolan, located in Stockholm.

Our brief was to display the everyday life at Nyckelviksskolan and find the key to what all crafts the school offers has to do with one another. What is so essential for everyone attending the school? What do everyone share? 

We came up with the idea of crafting hands. Without them you wouldn’t be able to weld, paint, throwing pottery, sew – anything that has to do with craft, really.

Through a POV lens we get to follow several students (hands) doing some of the boring stuff at home and out of school versus the creative and satisfyingly tasks you’re given while shaping and creating art.


Client: Nyckelviksskolan
Concept: Ivan Gedin & Sebastian Johansson Micci
Photography: Sebastian Johansson Micci
Graphics: Ivan Gedin
Gaffer: Simon Lindgren
Talent: Sarah Madani
Music: Spice Boys – Fuk Luv